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Thereís something good to be said for a book ó it doesnít interrupt
you at the most interesting part for a word from the sponsor.  
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      Itís a good book that it is opened with expectation and closed with delight and expanded knowledge.
     Whatever your ambition, writing is a worthy endeavor. Whether you have something to share that has scientific or social import or simply the sharing of an experience or family history, it is worth the effort. We leave few lasting tracks as we tread this earth, but our written word will stand the test of time. Few things will offer our posterity a first-hand look at who we were or where we came from; but our history and other creative efforts will fill these gaps for generations to come.

     Arcon Publishing, LLC offers editing and production services for all types of writing. Explore the possibilities. Contact us today.
Ida Mae Hudson Aller
Memory Book/Family History
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